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How Does "Seniors for Seniors" Work?

Prospective adopters must first fill out our online application and agree to have a home visit.  After receiving your application and completing your home visit, Tx GSP Rescue will work with you to find the perfect Senior.  We will even help with transporting your new senior to you if your perfect, senior companion lives in another city.

Prior to adoption, all Tx GSP Rescue dogs receive a full exam from a veterinarian. This includes vaccinations, spay/neuter,  dental check and other diagnostic tests deemed necessary for seniors.

No worries  

If the match does not work, or you face unexpected future health challenges that result in your being unable to care for your dog, Tx GSP Rescue will reassume care of him or her.

Who qualifies

Seniors for Seniors adoptions are available to seniors 62+ years of age.  A Senior dog is any of our wonderful, adoptable dogs who are 8 yrs or older.

The benefits of companion animals

Scientific studies have shown that pets provide real health benefits to the humans who care for them:

·         Increased physical activity

·         Increased socialization and engagement

·         Lower blood pressure and cholesterol

·         Fewer trips to the doctor and therefore, decreased medical costs

·         Less depression and a happier state of being

·         Greater sense of physical security

·         Love, affection and companionship

How to get started

Fill out our online application. After you do, we’ll get in touch and help you find the perfect senior dog for you.

Questions? Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..