bella and eva at the racesMy boyfriend and I are endurance athletes. When our Labrador, Iggy, passed away we knew our next dog needed to be one that could keep up with us and be ready to hit the trails/roads for 50 plus miles a week.

We knew of another endurance athlete who had a German Shorthaired Pointer. She and her pup would run 20 miles at a time, multiple days a week. We found the GSP Rescue website and I made the call (really I sent the email). We were lucky enough to be paired up with the sweetest GSP on earth, who we named, Bella Mae.


Vegas in Heel 24 GSPs and the Lazy Dog Trainer

Professional dog trainer by day, amazingly lazy dog owner by night - that's me! With 4 GSPs and a bloodhound (don't tell GSP rescue about that one!), I've got my hands full. It's important to me that all of my dogs stay mentally engaged and happy...but remember that I'm a lazy dog owner :) Here's how I do it!


I've been involved with Texas GSP Rescue for 7 years now. When I started I had 3 of my own non-GSP dogs and along the way I've added 2 GSPs to my family. My non-GSPs include a Great Dane mix, an Australian Shepherd mix and a Yellow Lab. I had always been conscious of taking them on walks and I do really enjoy running with my dogs, however, my dogs and their exercise needs had not necessarily prepared me for GSP ownership.