My first adoption began with a pint size ball of energy two years ago! He is a black and white male named Asher (formerly Azer). This little guy was a fence jumper from day one and would even jump while I was in the yard watching him. He had 2 hours of vigorous exercise a day, but you could not wear him out! Since I move on 16 acres, I have the perfect GSP who actually gets tired now.

Then came Brooklin (formerly Noelle) who barked incessantly. She is a beautiful liver and white ticked GSP. Her eyes make you melt and want to give her anything she wants.

I call her Miss Velcro as she climbs in my lap when I am sitting outside and immediately falls asleep. She is a total love bug and amazingly the barking has stopped. Once she got in a moving box and chewed her bone for an hour.
She was so very focused.

Ten days ago, Drake, joined my pack. He is also back and white ticked GSP. I finally have a dock jumper a swimmer. He swims non-stop for at least 30 minutes a day. He is a "big" dog, weighing in now at 70 pounds. He and Brooklin are about the tender young age of two and are best playmates!

I will always have GSP's in my family now thanks to the North Texas GSP Rescue! Many thanks to my fosters Stacy, Cathy and Trevor.

~ Megan