A year ago we met the girl of our dreams! After being rescued in Ft. Worth, having pneumonia for Christmas, traveling to an awesome foster home outside of Houston (Thank you Andi & Family), she finally made it to her forever home on Stonycreek in Dallas late January 2012. Even though her name is Lucky we feel as though we are the lucky ones. We are fools for her. We often say that she is the "perfect" dog for us. The first day Lucky came home she made herself right at home curling up in a ball on her favorite chair and constantly reminding us that even at 41lbs she IS a lap dog. She is such a happy girl and makes us giggle every day.

She has had her moments but she likes to point out that it was our fault we left the bananas too close to the edge of the counter not hers! She is gradually becoming a dog vacuum cleaner which is helpful because she is the best sous chef in the world! We love her so much and it is amazing to me how much she has made our lives better. She greets us every morning and afternoon with a smile and a kiss. She is forever in need of giving her love and on the cold chilly nights she makes a great couch warmer! Thank you GSP rescue for helping us find Lucky!

~ Pamela Horvath