Everything is going wonderfully. We have re-named him Case, and he is an amazing puppy with such a sweet temperament. I have never seen our GSP Rook get along with another dog like he and Case get along. It's pretty cute to watch!

Case is very much a puppy (with a lot of energy to expend) and really enjoys our weekends at the lake house. He loves to run in circles collecting sticks, pine cones and moss and put them in a pile for future chewing.

He also loves the water...swims like a fish! He loves to talk to you (most of the time with a toy in his mouth) and is obsessed with rope toys and Kongs.

I have attached a few of my favorite photos. (Case and Rook snuggling in the car; Case and my brother-in-law in the kayak (I still can't believe how well he did with that one!); the boys snuggling, and one of them when they insisted on sleeping in the kennel together (we don't normally crate them together, but they wanted to sleep in there together one night and it was too cute to miss)).

He really is the perfect addition to our family. We couldn't be happier!

~ Steph & Kyle