Bruno had his first check-up yesterday with the vet. He went to the Animal Hospital Jones Road and was proclaimed to be a beautiful GSP specimen. Bruno now weighs 49 pounds and is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. I started him on Sentinel and Frontline this weekend, but will switch him next month to Trifexis.

Thanks so much to Chris for being a great foster and giving Bruno a loving home until he came to ours. He has bonded with our other dog and last night learned how to play fetch in the backyard. Strudels taught him and Bruno loves to run like crazy after the Kong donut and bring it back to us. Bruno has made us get healthier too by making us walk several times a day around the neighborhood. Bruno has no problems being in the crate while we are at work because Strudels is right beside him in the other crate. He is so smart and a wonderful addition to our family. Thanks for our "Velcro" dog!

~ Alana Wilkin